Tell Me Your Monster

I wanna know of the creature you hide in slumber. Who is it you see when you look in your mirror? Is it human? Or a monster? Tell me who you are when you are not trying to be anyone but your own demon.

When you peel off all the earthly materials that decorate you, who are you? I want to know. The scars you hide in that concealer. The monster you let thrive with all those lies. How are they? With time, do you forget them or constantly remember? I wonder.

You think you’re the only one with a monster. Dont be conceited, everyone has their own battle with their demon. We all put on a face that the world acknowledges and ponder. Because we all have a darkness that even the world cannot conquer.

I have a secret, do you want to hear? But thats not something you would want in your ear. You cannot unheard this once you know. So brace yourself to the onslaught of voices in a row.

I am the monster that the world created. In my attempts to build a life of lies my demon and I have blurred and merged. I wish you chose differently when the world forces you to change. I’m telling you my monster. That monster is me.

So tell me, are you your own monster?

Breathing but I dont think I am alive.
Untitled | by Takahiro Hirabayashi

She’s Crazy and so Am I [Dialogue Diaries]

Them: Why do you even like her? She’s crazy.

Him: I think her kind of crazy is very attractive.

Them: You’re insane too. Whatever is attractive about being mental?

Him: The things she says that I dont understand makes me try hard. She describes life in hues of greens and yellows and oranges when all I could see were blacks and whites. I am blind to this world that she experiences but excited for her to show me the way.

Them: If you are blind, doesn’t that scare you?

Him: Why would I fear? A girl like her who isn’t afraid to be different in this world of scathing opinions is a breath of fresh air. I want to learn what drowns all the worlds’ noise in her head.

Them: That’s crazy. You’re out of your mind too.

Him: I dont need you to understand her, that is what I am here for. But I would rather you dont poison her with your judgment. And love is supposed to be crazy, consuming and complex. Anything less than that is a shame, dont you think?

She has her own world. I want to enter it too.
Beyond the Boundary | Akihito Kanbara x Mirai Kuriyama

The World is On Fire

The world both amazes and terrifies me.

It amazes me with all its subtle beauty. When you wake up with the first light of dawn or bathed in the lights of early morning, nothing feels more alive than that fleeting moment of crossing from your dream into reality.

Or how the smell of rain, or books, or coffee, fill your senses and slowly sip in your veins all throughout your body bringing you back to full capacity.  It’s like inhaling a type of drug that enables your soul to keep trying and your heart to keep beating, isn’t it bizarre?

How the sound of crickets at night lull you to bed, or the rustling of the leaves outside warn you of storm or even the white noise from the TV left all night reminding you that amidst the noise, there is something left to be curious about.

But the world is a terrible place to be. And this time is a horrible point to be alive because the world is burning. No, that’s incorrect. The world is being ravaged by embers. It’s not a conflagration,  but little fires destroying everything slowly.

From killing, to torture, to other unspeakable atrocities, we have bred a whole new monsters. People are the worst of beasts and we are trying to kill everything off slowly but surely.

The world is beautiful, yes. It has always been. But it is marred with morbid pictures that we have painted with blood. The world is on fire and it is dying. But worrying about it is inconvenient so we ignore it as best as we can. 


Hold on.
Anything, something, just don’t let the tides take you.

But we always come and go.
Everything does.
One day we love.
The next day we hate.

Today we are here.
Tomorrow we might not.

Such is the beauty of the world.
But let us stop and take a breath.

In a life riddled with temporary,

I found an anchor to my reality.

The biggest current is about to commence.

Are you strong enough to withstand the wave?


TIME. Just like those other instances, we’ve ran out of it.

Its always unfairly swift and short-lived, my time with you—in that life and in this too. Fate is a bit cruel don’t you think? To play this atrocious game with us knowing well how it will turn out.

But I was always happy with what little time we were allowed. I get to see you. I get to know you. I hear you laugh and cry and curse and mostly just mumble meaningless nothings and still I was grateful for those moments. I enjoy it immensely knowing that ours is limited. I was glad, I was still allowed to meet you and love you in this life.

You were worried of dying and leaving me behind. We both know that’s not our real fear. We’re afraid to get separated. I’ll love you again and I’ll love you still long after my breath is gone. How do you contain that kind of love in the afterlife? A love that defies the boundaries of time and death, where does it go?

We have not much time left.

But given the choice, I would still love you. I would want to hold you still even if its brief and fleeting. I have no regret except for the fact that I wished we had more than a moment to enjoy each other’s company. A decade or a lifetime perhaps would suffice. But even then, I’d still hope for 2 lifetimes more and I don’t think we should be greedy.

We have less time than most to love each other because even in this life or the next, we’d still give our love to each other.

I’ll see you in our next life. Don’t make me wait too long. And I wont let you be alone for long too.

Our time will always overlap.
The Oneiric Time Piece | The Wishful Present | by Marc Aran Reyes


You are always going to leave.

You are always going to leave her.

You touched her life in a way that she will never forget you. She will never feel the same about living as she did with you. She will never smile as sweetly at anyone as she did for you. Her voice will forever lack that distinct octave when she lets out a scream for seeing you. She will never be the same again after you let her enter heaven only to push her back to hell.

You should not have held her hand then. You should not have stirred her heart. You should not have done anything when you knew in the end she will get hurt. You should have stayed still and let her live. You did it before. It should not have been a problem now.

There were so many things I wish you never did for her. Maybe then she’ll forget you easier. Maybe then this would not have been such a hard blow on her.

But you changed her life. She was a white canvass and you have colored her blue like the sky. And in return she made you the sky that she looked up too. She wished you could have been the sun and the moon too, but you didn’t linger long enough to paint those. Someone else needs to be that for her now.

And even though I resented you for bringing a storm in her life followed by a very long night, true to your role as her sky, she woke up in that long dream into a slowly brightening sky. You might have taken a part of her when you left, but you were still the reason she keeps going, and for that I am thankful.

From Burning to Ashes

For once, you were right. We were everything wrong about each other that were a mess but totally made sense. I hate admitting you are right. Specially, now.

For once, I was wrong. I knew what we were doing is a shot to the moon and I was prepared for the consequences. No one ever told me that it could hurt me to the point of wanting to die.

For once, I remember our arguments. I couldn’t see it before, but we were in some ugly fights where our sharp words cut deep into the soul. Not realizing the extent of the damage, we let it be and bled from within.

Thinking back now, I don’t remember much of our happy memories. What I recall are the moments I was angry, the moments when we were disappointed with each other, the moments that made us a couple of sad souls. There were too much of it that the happy ones were easily buried in the pile.

I’d say to people that we were not always this dysfunctional. There was a time that we loved deeply and it led us to hurt each other badly. But I should have known that nostalgia was a dirty liar that insists that things were better than they seem.

We’ve been taping plasters to a heart that is broken hoping it will start beating even without the right pieces. We tried to fit into each other but we weren’t the right cut to be together and we caused pain to one another instead.

For once, I’m glad it’s over. You can finally stop drinking yourself to a stupor so you could forget the pain I caused you. I can finally stop smoking and burning all our memories so I can move on from you.

For once, we can forgive ourselves for trying too hard only to end up hurting. We loved as passionately as the sun. And so we burned as brightly as it did.

But we weren’t the sun. We are matches burning and returning to dust after our love. Someday a phoenix will be born in our stead. Maybe then we’d fit together. Maybe we’ll be right for each other some other time. Maybe. But not for now.

The crimson fire that burned was the blood pumped in my veins giving me life.
Al Di La de la Vita (Beyond Life) | by Betsy Westendorp

I Lost You

I lost you.
Three words. Eight letters.
It sounded so normal. I even said it evenly.
But the gravity weighed on my shoulders.

I lost you.
I can say it in less than a heartbeat.
It shouldn’t mean much.
People lose something every day.

I lost you.
One day we were laughing and the next I was crying.
You were gazing at me with warmth one morning,
Then your eyes suddenly became colder than North Pole.

I lost you.
You wanted to go and I couldn’t stop you.
You turned away and never looked back.
I tried chasing you but couldn’t keep up.

I lost you.
And I thought I was gonna die.
How can I not when you are the center of my universe.
My everything revolved around you.

Still, I lost you.
But the earth kept on spinning.
Life continued and I kept on breathing.
The world didn’t end.

Yet, I lost you.
I tried my hardest to make you stay.
Fate won’t allow me to keep you.
Because you are not mine from the start.

Fear and Fright

“You know what really scares me?”


“No. Not even close. Death does not scare me. Its what comes after it that does. Its the though that after I die, I might never see you again. That’s what scares me. That is what makes me hold you tighter every now and then. Because I might not any time, and I dont want to leave you just yet.”

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