One More Light [Linkin Park: Chester Bennington]

My introduction to Linkin Park was back in 2000. I heard “In The End” playing on the radio. No, I heard it playing everywhere. It was an anthem for the teenage angst of that year along with “Crawling” and “Points of Authority”.

Back in those days, I did not understand nor appreciate the screaming voice popular in the alternative genre. A child does not usually comprehend the depth of lyrics, yet.

In 2003, they released their best-selling album to date with Meteora which included tracks that resonated personally to me. I knew by heart the lyrics to “Numb”, “Faint”, “Somewhere I Belong” and “Breaking The Habit”.

At this juncture, I have become a fan of the band and followed their releases closely. The songs resonate a darker part of my heart and it comforted me in a way that they give voice to that silence I nurse.

As a teenager, Linkin Park was a constant in my playlist. They introduced me to the world of Alternative-Rock and they have been one of my most beloved band ever since.

My musical genre is by no means narrow. I listen to classicals, jazz, blues, ballads, French Music, Latino, JPop,and Kpop to name a few.

But as I said, the voice of Chester singing “Iridiscent” or “Leave Out All the Rest” or “Shadow of the Day” or even “Until It’s Gone” continues to echo a part of me I rarely communicate to.

There is a reason why I would never read 13 Reasons Why and why I would never see it, ever. Because thats a trigger I dont want in my life.

Mental health issues are real. People need to understand that like many sickness, it is real and its plaguing our society. More so in this point in time than any other time in human history. Stop turning a blind eye on mental health! Its real and it needs to be confronted. Stop the stigma about mental health!

It had been a beautiful run, Chester. Your voice inspired many people and I’m sorry we could not do the same for you when you needed it. I know there is not rest in suicide but at the very least, things that haunted you in this life, I hope you dont get them in your next.

One More Light
Linkin Park

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