You play about it like you have endless tomorrows. You keep to yourself what your heart truly desires. You keep holding back. Satisfied with the crumbs you get.

Don’t. Don’t  be like that. You have not enough time to be alive, let alone be in love. Dont take it for granted. Time is a cruel enemy. Even more ruthless than reality. Because reality maybe altered. But time isn’t as flexible.

You don’t have the luxury to hesitate on the things you know could make you happy. Live now. One day you are 10 trying to be friends with everyone in school. The next you are 18 trying to smoke, drink and have sex. Tomorrow you might be 35 hating the world and regretting all the chances you wasted. The day after, you might be 60 wondering where all the time went and the love you had at 5 was.

You cannot always trust to have time in your hand. Some of us are lucky to have a year more. Others don’t even have a month left. So take advantage of time you have. Maybe that’s all you’ll ever have. Whether it is enough depends on you.

Kimi no Na Wa | Tachibana Taki x Miyamizu Mitsuha

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