Confessions [Dialogue Diaries]

Her: I’m sorry to bother you like this.

Him: No. I was waiting for you.

Her: I have something important to tell you.

Him: I know.

Her: You see, I’ve always … ahh, I’ve always, always … ahm.

Him: Yes, go on.

Her: I like seeing you play on the field. And I always see you during lunch goofing off with the team.

Him: I’ve noticed.

Her: I’m not a stalker or a creep. I swear it was nothing like that.

Him: I know. But you were saying something else earlier.

Her: I … I dont think I can do this!

Him: Yes, you can. So continue what you were saying.

Her: I’m sorry, I cant!

Him: You’ve already come this far so might as well say it.

Her: You’re too close. And your hand is warm.

Him: Am I making you nervous? Shall I step back for you to continue?

Her: No! I … the thing is … I LIKE YOU!

Him: Now look at me and say it one more time.

Her: I cant! I barely managed to say it. And its so hard to look at you.

Him: Look into my eyes and say it to me once more.

Her: I … Like you. Very much.

Him: That’s my girl. Good job.

Am I making you nervous?
Ichijoji Teika x Aigasaki Kohana | Magic-Kyun Renaissance

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