She’s Crazy and so Am I [Dialogue Diaries]

Them: Why do you even like her? She’s crazy.

Him: I think her kind of crazy is very attractive.

Them: You’re insane too. Whatever is attractive about being mental?

Him: The things she says that I dont understand makes me try hard. She describes life in hues of greens and yellows and oranges when all I could see were blacks and whites. I am blind to this world that she experiences but excited for her to show me the way.

Them: If you are blind, doesn’t that scare you?

Him: Why would I fear? A girl like her who isn’t afraid to be different in this world of scathing opinions is a breath of fresh air. I want to learn what drowns all the worlds’ noise in her head.

Them: That’s crazy. You’re out of your mind too.

Him: I dont need you to understand her, that is what I am here for. But I would rather you dont poison her with your judgment. And love is supposed to be crazy, consuming and complex. Anything less than that is a shame, dont you think?

She has her own world. I want to enter it too.
Beyond the Boundary | Akihito Kanbara x Mirai Kuriyama

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