TIME. Just like those other instances, we’ve ran out of it.

Its always unfairly swift and short-lived, my time with you—in that life and in this too. Fate is a bit cruel don’t you think? To play this atrocious game with us knowing well how it will turn out.

But I was always happy with what little time we were allowed. I get to see you. I get to know you. I hear you laugh and cry and curse and mostly just mumble meaningless nothings and still I was grateful for those moments. I enjoy it immensely knowing that ours is limited. I was glad, I was still allowed to meet you and love you in this life.

You were worried of dying and leaving me behind. We both know that’s not our real fear. We’re afraid to get separated. I’ll love you again and I’ll love you still long after my breath is gone. How do you contain that kind of love in the afterlife? A love that defies the boundaries of time and death, where does it go?

We have not much time left.

But given the choice, I would still love you. I would want to hold you still even if its brief and fleeting. I have no regret except for the fact that I wished we had more than a moment to enjoy each other’s company. A decade or a lifetime perhaps would suffice. But even then, I’d still hope for 2 lifetimes more and I don’t think we should be greedy.

We have less time than most to love each other because even in this life or the next, we’d still give our love to each other.

I’ll see you in our next life. Don’t make me wait too long. And I wont let you be alone for long too.

Our time will always overlap.
The Oneiric Time Piece | The Wishful Present | by Marc Aran Reyes

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