I Lost You

I lost you.
Three words. Eight letters.
It sounded so normal. I even said it evenly.
But the gravity weighed on my shoulders.

I lost you.
I can say it in less than a heartbeat.
It shouldn’t mean much.
People lose something every day.

I lost you.
One day we were laughing and the next I was crying.
You were gazing at me with warmth one morning,
Then your eyes suddenly became colder than North Pole.

I lost you.
You wanted to go and I couldn’t stop you.
You turned away and never looked back.
I tried chasing you but couldn’t keep up.

I lost you.
And I thought I was gonna die.
How can I not when you are the center of my universe.
My everything revolved around you.

Still, I lost you.
But the earth kept on spinning.
Life continued and I kept on breathing.
The world didn’t end.

Yet, I lost you.
I tried my hardest to make you stay.
Fate won’t allow me to keep you.
Because you are not mine from the start.


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